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Don's List Lab

This page is intended as a place to put simple lists of tuners that have one particular feature or another. We'll need input from readers to make the lists as comprehensive as possible. Please post additions to existing lists, or suggestions for new lists, in our FMtuners group. Tuners don't have to have TIC writeups in order to be listed here. We've renamed the page in honor of our contributor Don W., the most prolific creator of list topics.

MPX Decoder ICs

Don writes, "I have always wanted to see a list of tuners which have certain MPX decoder ICs. The 'big 3' I would like to see are the LA3450 and LM4500 (because of their unique decode waveforms), and the HA11223 (near universal praise as capable of excellent sound). I have compiled my own list, but I can't be sure it's completely correct. There was a discussion of this topic in FMtuners." If you can give us a hand and help us improve this list, let us know.

Tuners with Sanyo LA3450:
Denon TU-800
Kenwood KT-6040
Kenwood KT-6050
Sansui TU-X701
Sansui TU-X711
Sony ST-S730ES
Yamaha TX-900
Yamaha TX-930
Yamaha TX-950

Tuners with National LM4500:
B&K TS-108
Fanfare FT-1
Magnum Dynalab FT-11 (some versions)
Magnum Dynalab FT-101A (some versions)
McIntosh MR 80
Meridian 504
Quad FM4*

*Our contributor Esmond says the Quad FM4 uses the Philips TCA4500, which appears to be identical to the LM4500. He believes that later Quad tuners also use it.

Our contributor Paul Baptista says the Arcam Delta 80 and Telefunken RT200 (whatever those are) use the TCA4500A, the Motorola and Siemens part number for the LM4500A.

Tuners with Hitachi HA11223 or HA11223W:
Aiwa AT-9700U
Denon TU-600
Denon TU-767
Denon TU-850
Denon TU-900
Heathkit AJ-1600
Hitachi FT-8000
Kenwood KT-9X and KT-9XG
Kenwood KT-815
Kenwood KT-917
Kenwood KT-1000 (has chip, but discreet implementation?)
Kenwood L-01T
Kenwood L-07T (we have a discrepancy - HA11223 or HA1156?)
Kenwood L-07TII
Luxman T-12
NEC/Curtis Mathes AUT-8300E
Nikko Gamma I
Nikko Gamma V
Optonica ST-7405
Sansui TU-519
Sansui TU-719
Sansui TU-919
Sansui TU-S9
Sansui TU-X1
Sony ST-J75
Sony ST-J88B
Sumo Charlie

Tuners with Hitachi HA12031:
Kyocera T-910

Our panelists JohnC and Ray made additions to the above lists and also offer these:

Tuners with Hitachi HA1196:
Amber 7
Hitachi FT-5000
Kenwood KT-7500
Mitsubishi DA-F20
Onkyo T-4057
Sansui TU-217
Sansui TU-317
Sansui TU-417
Sansui TU-517
Sansui TU-717
Sansui TU-5900
Sansui TU-X301
Sanyo Plus T55

Tuners with Hitachi HA1156:
Hitachi FT-920
Kenwood 600T
Kenwood KT-8007
Kenwood L-07T (we have a discrepancy - HA1156 or HA11223?)
Optonica ST-3535

Tuners with PC1161C:
Sansui T-60
Sansui T-80

Tuners with Sanyo LA3350:
Fisher FM-2310 Studio Standard
Kenwood Basic T1
Onkyo T-4040
Toshiba ST-420
Yamaha T-2

Tuners with Sanyo LA3401:
Accuphase T-109
AMC T7 and T7A
Carver TX-11b
Denon TU-380RD
Denon TU-650RD
Denon TU-660
Harman/Kardon Citation 23
Kenwood KT-3050
Kenwood KT-5020
Marantz ST6000
Onkyo T-4500
Sony ST-550ES
Sony ST-SA50ES
Soundstream T1
Yamaha TX-350

Tuners with Sanyo LA3410:
Marantz ST-17
Proton AT-670
Sansui TU-X501

Tuners with uPC1223:
Hitachi FT-007
Hitachi FT-5500MKII
JVC T-X900
Sony ST-S555ES

Tuners with Pioneer PA1001-A:
Paul Baptista tells us that this chip was also known as the Toko KB4437. Here's Paul's list:

Harman/Kardon 680i receiver
Harman/Kardon HK-715
Harman/Kardon TU615
Mitsubishi DA-F30
Mitsubishi DA-R20 receiver
Philips AH180
Pioneer TX-9800
Pioneer TX-9500II
Pioneer SX-1080 receiver
Pioneer SX-1280 receiver
Sony ST-J55
Sony ST-J60

PLL tuners with oscilloscope outputs

Our contributor Peter provides the start of this Eurocentric list, which obviously needs to be more fully populated:

ASC AS3100 - 1980 or 1981
Crown FM1 - 1979
Kenwood KT-1100SD - 1985
Kenwood KT-3300D - 1987
Kenwood L-1000T - 1991
Kucke KST22 - 1980 or 1981 (same as ASC AS3100)
Nikko Gamma V - 1978
Onkyo T-909 - 1979
Onkyo T-9900 (T-9090) - 1984
Onkyo T-9990 (T-9090II) - 1988
Optonica ST-9100 - 1980
Revox B760 - 1977
Scott 433 - 1970
Scott T33S - 1972
Technics ST-9038 - 1979

Tuners with remote controls

Don's back with the start of another list. We've made some additions but there are surely many more.

Accuphase T-1000
Burmester 978
Carver TX-8R
Carver TX-12
Denon TU-680NAB
Denon TU-1500RD
Harman/Kardon Citation 23
Kenwood L-1000T
Marantz ST-17
Meridian 504
Mission Cyrus T (second generation)
Myryad Z130
NAD S400
Onkyo T-4700
Onkyo T-4711
Onkyo T-9090II
Parasound TDQ-150
Parasound T/DQ-1600
Revox B160
Revox B260
Revox B261
Roksan Caspian
Rotel RHT-10
Rotel RT-990BX
Sony ST-SA50ES
Tandberg TPT 4031
Technics ST-G90 (some versions)
Yamaha TX-930
Yamaha TX-950
Yamaha TX-1000
Yamaha TX-2000

Tuners with three or more IF bandwidths

Here's another good list suggestion from Don. The benefits of having wide and narrow IF bandwidths in a tuner are fairly basic: wider filters tend to produce the best audio quality, while narrower filters improve rejection of adjacent-channel interference. Three bandwidth settings, with intelligently chosen filters, can provide even greater flexibility for audiophiles and DXers alike. Only the T-85, to our knowledge, has four IF bandwidths.

Denon TU-800
Kenwood 600T
Kenwood KT-917
McIntosh MR 78
Onkyo Grand Integra T-G10
Onkyo T-9090 and T-9090II
Tandberg 3001 and 3001A
Yamaha TX-900
Yamaha T-85

Tuners that have MPX implemented using discrete transistors (solid state) instead of an integrated circuit

Thanks to our contributor Paul for the idea. There should be other tuners in this list, but here are a few to start with:

Kenwood 600T
Kenwood KT-7000 and KT-7001
Kenwood KT-8005 and KT-8007
Kenwood KT-8300
Sansui TU-9900
Tandberg 3001 and 3001A
Yamaha CT-7000
Yamaha T-70 and T-80(?)

Don notes: "Here's the tricky part: Some tuner designs have a MPX chip that is used to generate a 38 kHz clock locked to the 19 kHz pilot tone. The actual MPX decoding is then done by external circuitry. (At least that is my understanding.) My impression is that the T-70 falls into this category. Bob says: 'The KT-8007 uses an outboard MPX switching scheme very similar to the KT-8300. If working correctly, you should see 38 kHz square waves coming out of pins 4 and 5 when a 19 kHz pilot is present on the input.' I take this to mean that both these Kenwoods do the MPX decoding in discrete circuitry outside of the MPX chip."

Our panelist Bob confirms: "That's right, you can have:
1) Fully discrete, no chips - older tube and solid-state tuners, mostly designed before 1975
2) Hybrid - MPX chip with outboard switching
3) Dedicated single MPX chip does all decoding - most solid-state tuners
4) MPX decoding using multiple chips and or discrete components together in an advanced modern design, in many (but not all) cases using pure sine wave decoding

In category 2 are many high-end tuners, including the KT-8007, KT-8300, 600T, TU-9900, T-70, and I think the Yamaha T-80 also. In category 4 you have the Yamaha T-85 and TX-1000/2000, Rotel RHT-10, most high-end digital Pioneers like the F-9, F-90 and F-99X, the Sansui TU-D99X, and most top-model digital Kenwoods."

Tuners with FM deviation meters

Here's a new list idea from our contributor Eli. We've just started this one so please post in our FMtuners group if you have any additions to the list.

Akai AT-2600
Fisher FM-2310
Kenwood 600T
Kenwood 650T
Kenwood KT-6007
Kenwood KT-8007
Kenwood KT-8300
Kenwood KT-917

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Copyright ©2001-2017 Tuner Information Center. Permission is hereby granted to quote our text so long as proper credit is given. eBay listings that quote us incorrectly or without credit may be terminated without notice.
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